Horizon V100 Veg Light
Suncloak Horizon Veg Light

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The Suncloak Horizon series model V100 has proven to be the most efficient LED Vegetation light in the industry.

This LED fixture replaces the use of inefficient typical T5 fixtures used for Vegetation. At only 100W you can reduce your energy costs by 75% over typical T5 lights.

At Suncloak we know how important it is to you to control your grow environment.

The V100...
  • Operates just above room temperature
  • Lightweight thin design allows better air flow
  • Helps keep your desired temperature & humidity

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Product Features

  • 100 Watt Real Input Power
  • Lightweight & Durable! Only 6lbs
  • Easy to Install
  • 18,000+ Lumens per Fixture
  • 6000K Color Spectrum (CCT)
  • Moisture Resistant
  • Ratchet Pulley Install
  • Less Energy = Low Heat
  • Increased Air Flow
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • 110/220/270v Compatible
  • 2' x 4' Coverage Area

Light Spectrum

The Suncloak "V" Spectrum is the ideal light spectrum for the veg cycle of your grow. A broad spectrum that focuses power usage on the wavelengths that matter to your plant growth without wasting energy on wavelengths that don't.

For veteran growers the Suncloak "V" Spectrum is very similar to that of the Gavita 1000 (HPS).

The Horizon V100

The Horizon V100 Includes:
      1. (1) Horizon V100
      2. (3) Rope Ratchets
      3. (1) 6' Power Cord

It's Not Just A Light. It's A System!

This is not just a light but a Light System that works together. Each Suncloak Horizon is designed to become part of a chain.

Create the perfect grow environment of any size.

Rope Ratchets

At only 6 lbs for the 48" x 24" Horizon V100, installation is a breeze.

Three 8 foot Rope Ratchets are provided with every Horizon V100. Simply hook the carabiner and use the ratchet to cinch the blade into place.

The Focus is on Power

The Horizon V100 uses a top of the line Meanwell Class 2 Power Supply.

Each fixture includes a 6 foot Power Supply Cord.

Note: If you choose to use a custom power cord or require an extension cord.... IT MUST MEET THE FOLLOWING REQUIREMENTS OR FIRE DAMAGE WILL OCCUR!!

Power Supply Cord requirements:

  • One Plug End must be IEC320-C13
  • Minimum Cord Rating 10 Amp / 250 Volt

Product Specifications

Only 100 Watts means less energy usage, less heat generation, and a more stable environment.

Compare that to a typical T5 at 400W.

The Horizon V100 has a correlated color temperature of 6000K CCT, the perfect light spectrum for that early and critical vegetation stage of your grow.
The Horizon V100 not only has the ideal color spectrum, it also has over 18,240 lumens of UNREFLECTED light using on a 100W power supply!

  • Minimum 28.5 Lumens per LED
  • 640 LEDs Per Fixture.
  • 640 x 28.5 = 18,240+ Lumens

More than 3x Lighter then Typical T5 Systems

The Horizon V100, 48" x 24" model weighs only 6lbs!

This not only makes it easy to install but durable too! Made of lightweight aluminum, you don't have to treat these lights with the same kid gloves you need with traditional bulbs.

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What an improvement to conventional option's November 21, 2017
Reviewer: John Siebenbaum Owner(Architex LLC) from A really troubled and lost country  
I searched and searched for new veg lights. Then I stumbled upon a thread that talked about these here beauties. I love these lights and so do my plants! I have 8 v100's hung over 2 4x8 trays and let's talk efficiency guys and girls! I replaced 4 600 watt lights! that is 1600 watts saving just on the lighting. That equates to over 4000btu's of a/c. Are they putting out as much par as my SE600MH,no. But, It's better in so many ways. My plants literally have to touch the diode and stay there for a while to get burnt. I would suggest running slightly higher room temps with these light as opposed to MH and t5-t8's.
My plants couldn't be happier Nice job Suncloak!!!!!!!

WOW! Absolutely impressed with these lights! We've been running them for over 7 months now  If you're looking to upgrade your veg room, STOP LOOKING ELSEWHERE. You guys nailed it! Zero failures so far!

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Best Veg System Yet. January 5, 2017
Reviewer: Devin from carmichael, CA United States  
I purchased 2x 24" veg panels to fill my 4x4' tent. Not only does it cover and saturate the entirety of the grow area, it hardly made a difference on my energy bill at 18/6 light or 24hr light cycle. The plants would literally grow until they hit the light source, and since the LEDs are cool to the touch, it causes no damage to my young ladies foliage by making contact. best veg light i have owned and with 200w illuminating my whole 4x4' area it's the most efficient I've owned. I Love Em! Can't wait to try the flower panels!!

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