Delta Nine Grow Light System
Delta Nine Grow Light System


The Suncloak Delta Nine Grow Light System completely engulfs plants in a cloak of light. The Patent Pending matrix of vertical light columns independently illuminates the top and all sides of every plant.

Simply put…no part of a plant can hide from Suncloak’s perfect grow light spectrum. The Delta Nine Grow Light System accommodates:

  • Standard 4ft x 4ft grow table
  • 9 plants arranged in a 3 x 3 matrix
The Delta Nine System Includes:
      1. (2) Full Sun Blade
      2. (2) Half Sun Blades
      3. (8) Ratchet Ropes
      4. (6) 24" Spacers
      5. (4) Power Cord

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Product Code: SC-44-9-32

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Product Features

  • Significant Increase in Yield per Square Foot of Grow Area
  • Absolute and Complete Canopy Penetration
  • Most Efficient Light Delivery System Available
  • Uniform Flowering from Top to Bottom of Plant
  • Extremely Low Power Consumption
  • Top & Bottom of all Leaves Radiated with Light
  • Extremely Low Heat Generation
  • Significantly reduces A/C power usage
  • Reduces Water Consumption and Humidity
  • Lower Maintenance & Operational Costs
  • Lower Heat Reduces Attraction of Insects
  • Two Year Limited Warranty
  • Patents Pending

Light Spectrum

The Suncloak "G" Spectrum is the ideal light spectrum for the grow cycle of your grow. A broad spectrum that focuses power usage on the wavelengths that matter to your plant growth without wasting energy on wavelengths that don't.

For veteran growers the Suncloak "G" Spectrum is very similar to that of the Gavita 1000 (HPS).

Product Specifications

Top View Table Spects
Top View Side View

The Delta Nine

The Delta Nine Includes:
      1. (2) Sun Blade
      2. (2) Half Sun Blades
      3. (8) Ratchet Ropes
      4. (6) 24" Spacers
      5. (4) Power Cord

Sun Blades

The Suncloak Sun Blades are constructed of 1600 LEDs arranged in vertical columns combined with two top horizontal rows to illuminate your plants from every possible direction.

The Suncloak Sun Blades include following features:

  • No Fans or Moving Parts
  • Input Power 90 - 290 VAC
  • Extremely Low Heat Generation
  • Power Usage 240 W
  • Top of the line Meanwell Power Supply
  • Vertical LED Columns 32" in Height
  • Two Year Warranty
  • Water Resistant (IP65)
  • 360 Degrees of Radiating Light
  • Extremely Low Heat Generation
  • Light Weight Aluminum Construction
  • Heat Dissipating Aluminum Casing
  • 1600 LEDs per Sun Blade

Full and Half Sun Blades

Full Sun Blades use 240W of power and radiate light on BOTH sides of the Sun Blade. Full Sun Blades are utilized in the grow space where plants exist on both sides of the Sun Blades. Half Sun Blades use 120W of power and radiate light on only ONE side of the Sun Blade. The Half Sun Blades are utilized in the grow space where plants exits only one side of the Sun Blade Half Sun Blades prevent the wasting of power and light at the end of a grow table.

Rope Ratchets

1/8" x 8 ft Rope Ratchets are provided with every Sun Blade to make the installation process as easy as possible.

Sun Blade Spacers

After hanging the Sun Blades in the approximate locations, simple 24" spacers are provided to locate Sun Blades for perfect plant spacing.

Power Cord

A 6 foot Power Supply Cord is included with this system. If you choose to use a custom power cord or require an extension cord.... IT MUST MEET THE FOLLOWING REQUIREMENTS OR FIRE DAMAGE WILL OCCUR!!

Power Supply Cord requirements:
  • One Plug End must be IEC320-C13
  • Minimum Cord Rating 10 Amp / 250 Volt
  • Minimum Wire Size 18/3 AWG

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Amazing results using the Suncloak 4416 (9 plant) February 12, 2016
Reviewer: Devin S from carmichael, CA United States  
Made the transition from HIDs to LEDs and I'm experiencing amazing growth results,both in veg and flower, with far less effort and maintenance. This system is the real deal and has actually cut my electrical bill from what it used to be. In short, I experienced my best harvest and yielded more then I ever have with my first grow using the Suncloak LED system. I used the 4416 grow light system for my first run, and now I am going to purchase another. :) Thanks Suncloak!

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