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Let Us Help You Grow Green

SunCloak's Patented SunBlades are the ideal lights for your small or large commercial grow operation.

Infinitely designable... you can grow four plants or hundreds... every SunCloak system delivers the highest possible yield with the least amount of overall energy use of any lighting system. Period.

Use the form below and we will help you design the ideal system for your new enterprise.

Suncloak 4816 Grow Light System Sun Blade, G240 48L x 32H, Full Blade
MSRP: $449.00
10% OFF! - Now Only: $399.00
Sun Blade, G240 48L X 32H, Half Blade Sun Blade, G120 48L X 32H, Half Blade
MSRP: $333.00
10% OFF! - Now Only: $299.00